I define myself as an explorer because I have always been driven by the great desire to know, both inside and outside myself!

Born and raised in Milan, the symbol of fashion and design, I can say that I have experienced all the merits, but also the disharmony of this fast-paced urban city. For almost 10 years I have worked in this field with the enthusiasm and adrenaline of result and goal, coming to experience the true definition of stress.

Despite, however, I have always maintained my passion for the human mind, attending to several personal-growth seminars, including:
Hoffman Quadrinity Process®, Avatar®, NLP Master, Life Coaching Master, Reiki, Psych-K®, Psych-K® Health & Wellness, HearthMath® and many others.

At 24 I was the founder of a psychological organization together with a group of professionals and in my little spare time I joined one of the partners, a psychoanalyst, in directing psychodrama groups.

I, like many others, was looking for that something, an instrument, a seminar, a teacher who would change my life in directing me toward the right choices to make, but above all to show me the way to happiness. I can’t define exactly when, because it was an awareness that developed in me over time, but I finally understood…

What you are looking for is nowhere, neither in the practice nor in the seminar, it is preserved and hidden deep inside you!

That was the beginning of a new life for me, and happiness now is no longer simply a destination, but the journey!


My mission (my calling) is to facilitate human beings
to become aware of Who They Are,
discover and express their talents to realize their potential
in all aspects of their life
and transform adversity into valuable resources.

Hence the name of Inner Belief Coaching. A multidisciplinary method to discover and resolve the conditionings, beliefs and codes that prevent us from expressing and acknowledge our talents and being able to BE, manifesting our true essence in all areas of life. Being happy does not mean we won’t face difficulties, but instead means having the strength to react and transform difficulties into treasures and gifts. As the alchemists would say: being able to transform lead into gold. And this is possible if we have an awareness of who we are and the potential of our Being.

The depth of my preparation arises, above of everything, thanks to my daily Kundalini Yoga practice and meditation, of which I am a certified teacher. Kundalini Yoga is not just a path of knowledge, but a profound experience to get even more in touch with oneself, a real technology that it’s proved to be very useful also in social contexts and in business (

What I pass on during my work is the result of years of continuous research and personal experience. Every day for me is a new discovery and a commitment to become what I want to see in the world, just as Gandhi said.


• Diploma in Professional Coach from GrowBp
• Master Practitioner in Pnl
• Master in Life Coach form PNL Italy School
• Advanced Facilitator of Psych-K®
• Advanced Facilitator of Health and Wellness Psych-K®
• Kundalini Yoga Teacher
• Sat Nam Rasayan Healer
• Kundalini Yoga Teacher for the Science of Mind and Humanology