Light up my fire again

Erica – Coach
When I called Giorgia I was in the complete dark, thriving to find my fire again. The fire for me is my motivation, my passion, the feeling you get when you think about your dreams and visions…

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She knows exactly pull my heartstrings

The experience with Giorgia was stimulating, she manages to put you at ease in a natural way. She knows exactly pull my heartstrings. In just over an hour it seemed I had traveled for months.

A light bulb turn on

Cecilia – Counselor
The experience with Giorgia was illuminating. As if a light bulb had suddenly turned on in my view of reality. The beauty of her sessions lays in fact the lucidity, but also the equanimity and the dignity on how every type of topic is faced.

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Now I have the certanty that I can do

Simona – Emploee
When I entered Giorgia’s studio I felt like a child who wants to experience a new game… I was there out of my curiosity more then for my desperate search to the solution of a big problem that haunted me but instead a big door opened for me …

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I was lucky enough to meet Giorgia

Beatrice – Psychomotor
When I went to a seminar this summer I was lucky enough that Giorgia was there too.
She told me about her job when I shared with her the state of severe stress I was in, so I asked her if she could help me. I was feeling a heavy burden on my chest, feeling inadequate and under constant judgment. It took me a session with her of a little over half an hour and I returned to smile and I was breathing again…

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Recommended also to skeptics

Anna -Editorial Editor 
I have to admit that in the beginning I was a bit skeptical about the real effectiveness of this method. But because I was going through a period of great transformation, both
personal and general, and I needed to realign myself with my projects, especially working projects, I decided to try Psych-K® with Giorgia,

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I recommend to everyone to try it

Maria – Pharmaceutical Agent
I was lucky enough to meet Giorgia at a very difficult time in my life. She told me about the Psych-K® technique and, even if at the beginning I didn’t
understand much about it, I wanted to try. It was immediately extraordinary! I remember the first time I arrived in her studio …

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The risult? It's working!

Luna – Feng Shui Teacher and Consultant 
I met Giorgia a few years ago, and I met the Psych-K® method with her. I decided to try a first session, the method seemed immediately interesting to me, it is based on principles that have the same roots as many other disciplines, including the Feng Shui that I teach and practice…

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