Life Coaching helps us to deeply know ourself, to strengthen our self-esteem and to bring awareness
on our potential in all aspects of our life, so that we can face and overcome successfully the every day challenges in this fast-paced world.

The root of coaching goes back to the time of Socrates which through Maieutica, the dialogic method of helping individuals to “give birth” to the truth, helped his students to express their deepest thoughts and their wisdom.
In more recent history, Life-Coaching is consolidated in the United States with Tim Gallwey, a professor at Harvard University, who published the book “The inner game of tennis”, where the main and central concept is to release potential to maximize their performance.
More than teaching something, it is therefore a matter of helping individuals to learn. Using the words of Gallwey: “the enemy that we have inside our head is scarier than the one on the other side of the network”.

Later John Whitmore remodeled the coaching method to adapt it for the business world, focusing on the development of the individual’s potential rather on the limitations of the interferences.

The coach’s professional figure accompanies individuals
towards the awareness of their own achievements
and helps individuals to carry them out with effective actions.

The Coach’s purpose is to develop mental clarity and awareness, bringing out the real personal ambitions so that individuals can pursue goals in line with their deepest self. It promotes awareness of own’s strength, stimulates creativity in finding new internal resources and create new energy for achieving success, promoting growth and personal effectiveness. The Coach assists you in exploring and defining a plan with the right actions
to achieve achievable, measurable, specific and timely results.

The Coach helps you to have self-discipline and to keep the focus on what is really important to you.


What are you waiting to give birth to your talents ?